Wednesday, September 10, 2008

House Sales after summer

It's quite traditional in this area that the buying of houses starts to decrease after the summer months.

It stands to reason that most people find the summer months the easiest time to move. The weather is in your favor. Have you ever moved when it's raining? I have it can be a concern to you as you manage your furniture in the rain. I've had to sit some big pieces out in the rain while we decide where they will go inside. Fortunately in California the rain is not as prevelant as in Melbourne Australia.

Summer is also a time when children are off school and parents feel it is easier to settle them into a new environment and sometimes get them mentally prepared for a new school. Summer is also a time when parents can manage some time off work to make these moves.

If however some of these issues do not affect you waiting till the holiday season and the winter months can be off benefit. The only down side is that the inventory also decreases and with the current changing market you may see more REO's and more short sales and less regular sales.

It appears that REO's and Short Sales tend to require more work than a regular sale and typically do not have reports with them. However, if you can find a non-REO or non-short sale and you like it - don't wait because you along with someone else thinking the same as you will grab that opportunity. It's definately easier to deal with an owner than a bank when it comes to negotiating.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer buying - real estate specials

I have had a very busy Summer, despite the market seeming slow it has been busy for me. With two properties on the market and many buyers out there shopping.

My gorgeous little home in Sunnyvale still sits and waits for a new owner. It is not a short sale or a REO (bank owned) property. The current owners are looking to move out of the Bay Area and go and retire. This place is perfect for the family that is wanting to buy into the Real Estate market and give up renting. Or the buyer who is looking for an investment with rental potential in a good area. We started our home out at $540,000 and we are now down to $510,000 - time for you to act now and buy this lovely little 3 bedroom 2 bathroom (Jack and Jill style) home. visit my website to find out more

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Coming Soon

Coming soon my listing in Sunnyvale, a three bedroom two bathroom single family residence. The property has over 8 different types of fruit trees. The house is so bright with floor to ceiling windows in all rooms. It has an Eichler feel about it. One bedroom has had the carpet taken up and the floor boards are exposed and been varnished. The rest of the house still has carpet and it would be well worth exposing those wood floors as well.

This home is close to 101 and Lawrence Express way. The home has doubled glazed windows and is very quiet inside. The home requires a little work done to it. Definately the carpet needs replacing or hardwood floors exposed. The kitchen was renovated 5 years ago and the tiles and paint work was done more recently. The Bathroom though it states there are two bathrooms on title - it's actually a jack and jill situation. Meaning you can enter the bathroom from 2 ends and both ends have their own washbasin and toilet. There is a bathroom that separates these and as such you can get into the shower from either end. Very groovy!

To learn more please feel free to call me.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

what's in what's not

The Real Estate Magazine this month had an article on what is in and what is not as far as homes goes.

It's obvious that everyone loves a granite kitchen but is that in? It is if that's what you can afford - now to be honest any kitchen is in - most women at the end of the day prefer to be able to design their own kitchen. I've always said that women want a "virgin" kitchen. That means no other person has cooked in it and you have not inherited any other persons grease. Am I right?

The obvious trend at the moment is to extend the out doors that you might have and create your own little oasis. Costco has some great furniture at the moment that allows you to make your outdoor area into your new extended living area. It is worth the investment and can enhance your own yard at this very time with summer approaching.

Color is also something that seems to affect the market. For sometime it's been that dirty brown and dirty blue that has been the trend but that is slowly changing and we are seeing a return to oranges and also turquoise.

Mind you I'm always of the belief that there is buyer for every home - it's just all about price.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Why I love Santa Clara

Last year I did the Santa Clara Citizens Police Academy class. It was a 13 week program open to SC residents or people who work in the city. The Police force of SC do a great job through this program of educating local people on what a great job they do.

The program basically has speakers from each department with in the police force explaining what and how they go about their job. The speakers range from Chaplaincy to First Responders, from Traffic Patrol to Emergency Preparedness. Every area is covered and explained and there are lots of hands on activities and involvement by the participants. There is an evening called "Red Man" and a visit to the County Goal and best of all a chance for you to go out with an officer on his/her patrol. I took the swing shift and got to know parts of Santa Clara I never knew existed and most of all got to see some fine officers deal with some unusual circumstances from kids stealing alcohol at Safeway in Rivermark to Domestic violence. However, I think everyones highlight was Police Academy Saturday. Can you imagine 10 hours of fun, driving police cars, shooting police firearms and role playing scenarios. Plus having the Police chief serve you burgers!

You might read this as Santa Clara PR exercise. Yes that may be true but at the same time it's a good exercise and we as residents should be proud of our police men and women of Santa Clara. Fortunately, for us we have the monies to ensure that we hire the best.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fairfield Santa Clara - disgust

It amazes me the greed that developers can have or should I say cities? It's hard to say what came first the developer or the city council? Chicken or the egg scenario though sometimes I think it is a case of them both lining their own pockets and sometimes being one of the same thing.

Tonight I got a letter from the Fairfield group who are going to develop the old Kaiser location on Kiely & Kaiser Drive. There are plans to develop over 800 residential buildings - apartments, townhomes, town houses and houses! Clearly 280 of them are for sale and it looks like the rest are for rent! Charming a Ghetto in our own neighborhood and clearly no decisions made about environmental impact on schools, parks and traffic. Let us not forget the poor brown owl or the ground squirrel - how will they survive?

I recommend if you live near this proposed project, which seemed to have been bulldozed through Santa Clara council you get involved - here is a good link to some concerned citizens

Monday, March 24, 2008

Valley of Hearts content

I had a friend who listed a property before Easter, they put it on the market at Easter and had so many people come through this last weekend.

Over 55 one day and 75 another day. Some with agents some without. Doesn't matter a lot of traffic and you tell me there is nothing out there! I don't think so . I believe there is a firm offer on the house and one the sellers are happy with and there is still another offer coming through as a back up. How awesome is that? Perfect, actually sweet.

I liked what my agent friend told me - he asked his clients in an ideal world what would he really want as his selling price. It pays to tell the universe what you are looking for, I believe. Let the universe know because if you don't tell it how will it know what to deliver. Well a price was said and as ridiculous as it sounds - that is what was offered. So Yippee. You may ask about contingencies? Well they sound pretty tight and even if something were to go wrong there is a back up offer on the books. Again like I say SWEET.